What we offer to you:

house sitters

Your pets are your family.  We understand that.

We will take first-class care of your pets and treat them as we would our own. (for free)

We will walk your dogs regularly, ensure all feeding rituals are met and maintained, administer medications when needed, brush, groom, clip, where needed, play with and love your pets. (for free)

Your pets will stay in their own home, continue their regular routine and will be well loved. (for free)

Extras:  We also offer dog and puppy training for a fee.


Your Home is Your Investment
house sitters tim and louWe understand your home is an investment.

As former homeowners, we understand what it means to keep a home well maintained and to do routine upkeep.  We will do any seasonal work that is needed/required for your home (such as lawn mowing or snow shovelling) to maintain your home as you would.

We provide peace of mind for you, knowing you have people living in your home while you are away and ensuring your home insurance is valid.

We strongly urge you to check with your home insurance policyholder to ensure you are meeting the requirements of your policy.